How We Started

Established in 2002, Mid-Cities Engineering (MCE) began with a vision for top-quality engineering services. From a small team to 3500+ successful projects, we’ve embraced existing and emerging technologies, focusing on solutions for beautiful, sustainable, and safe structures. Our success lies in delivering quality projects and building lasting relationships with clients, establishing MCE as a trusted name in Southern California’s engineering landscape.

Why Choose Us?

Choose MCE for responsive services, on-time project delivery, and a client-centric approach. Committed to quality, we operate efficiently from our central Bellflower location. MCE brings innovation, dedication, and a client-focused mindset, making us the preferred choice for engineering services in Southern California.

meet Our Team

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Ken Alson, M.S., P.E.

Position: Lead Structural Engineer / Founder
Areas of Expertise: Structural Analysis & Design, Permitting, Land Development


Bachelor of Science, California State University in Long Beach, 1883.

Master of Science, California State University in Long Beach, 1885.

P.E. since 1987.

Ken Alson M.S., P.E.:

Position: Founder (Partner)

Ken is the visionary behind Mid-Cities Engineering. With over 35 years of distinguished experience in engineering. He established the company in 2002 with the ambition of creating what it has become today. His unwavering commitment to prioritizing clients’ needs has been the cornerstone of his career, driving the firm’s success and reputation for unparalleled service. Ken has experience across multiple fields in civil engineering including structural analysis and design, permitting and land development.

Ayman Ivan Shmeit M.S., P.E.

Position: Lead Structural Engineer / Founder

Areas of Expertise: Customer Relations, Structural, and Architectural Design, Project Development


Bachelor of Science, California State University in Northridge 2011

Master of Science, California State University in Northridge 2013

Ayman Ivan Shmeit M.S., P.E.:

Position: CEO (Partner)

With over 10 years of extensive experience in Civil Engineering, Ivan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role as Chief Executive Officer at Mid-Cities Engineering. His profound understanding of civil engineering principles and practices, coupled with his visionary leadership, has been instrumental in shaping the firm’s strategic direction and fostering its growth. Throughout his illustrious career, Ivan has demonstrated a remarkable ability to navigate complex challenges and deliver innovative solutions that drive success. His dedication to excellence and client satisfaction has solidified his reputation as a trusted leader in the field of civil engineering. Since joining Mid-Cities, and under Ken’s guidance, Ivan assumed responsibility and focused on widening the scope of engineering services that the company offered like seismic retrofitting, ADU and SB9 units. Ivan strives to consistently deliver projects that not only meet, but exceed clients’ expectations.

Ousama (Sam) Moughraby M.E., P.E.

Position: Lead Civil Engineer

Areas of Expertise: Land Development, Low Impact Development, Engineering Reports and Studies


Bachelor of Civil Engineering, American University of Beirut, 2016

Master of Engineering, Texas A&M University, 2017.

P.E. since May 2020.

Ousama (Sam) Moughraby M.E., P.E.:

Position: Lead Civil Engineer (Partner) 

As the leader of the civil engineering practice at Mid-Cities Engineering, Sam is committed to delivering client satisfaction. Guided by a strategic vision and a wealth of operational expertise, he orchestrates the seamless execution of projects while driving a culture of innovation throughout the organization. In his role at Mid-Cities, Sam oversees complex land development projects and the preparation of different types of engineering plans and studies while coordinating with the multiple stakeholders that are involved on the project.

Rami Dakdouk

Position: Project Manager

Areas of Expertise: Project Management, Permitting, Project Development, Customer Relations



Rami Dakdouk: 

Position: Project Manager 

Rami steps into the role of Director of Operations at Mid-Cities Engineering Rami is responsible for overseeing the smooth functioning of operations. He strategically coordinates planning, execution, and successful completion of projects. With meticulous attention to detail, he ensures projects are delivered on time and clients’ needs are satisfied.

Albert Fuentes

Position: Lead Architectural Designer

Areas of Expertise: Architectural Design, Drafting, CAD Expert



Albert Fuentes:

Position: Lead Architectural Designer:

With over 20 years of invaluable experience in the field, Albert is one of the first employees that worked alongside Ken. He helped establish the company’s CAD standards and create a library of engineering details. His expertise spans a diverse range of design areas, including schematic and conceptual design, construction documentation, and structural detailing. His commitment and loyalty to the firm along with his guidance to other team members insured continued success and growth at Mid-Cities Engineering.

Rami Shmeit

Position: Architectural Design Manager

Areas of Expertise: Architectural Design, Design Management, Coordination with Stakeholders



Rami Shmeit:

Position: Civil Engineer

Ramy Shmeit is our Architectural Design Manager, leading the charge in overseeing the intricate process of architectural projects from inception to completion. With a wealth of experience spanning 10 years, Ramy brings a unique blend of creativity, technicality, and leadership to our team. His dedication to design excellence, coupled with his coordination skills with various design professionals, facilitates the flow of projects and completion in a timely manner.

Mohammad (Mo) Abbas

Position: Compliance & Structural Engineer Specialist

Areas of Expertise: Structural Design, SB721, Seismic Retrofits



Mohammad (Mo) Abbas:

Position: Compliance and Structural Engineering Specialist

Mo is an experienced civil engineer specializing in SB 721 compliance and seismic retrofit projects. His meticulous approach to work, combined with a wealth of expertise ensures that he delivers solutions that not only meet but exceed compliance standards.